A View From Odines Balcony

Two steps out and the door closes from behind. The sound from the chatter dipped and mother nature began to whisper. I look into the viewfinder and begin to scan the cloudy blue florescent sky. I scan darkness and then all the sudden I found a shimmering white light and then another and another. I began to follow the strand of bright lights. The wind guests begin to get stronger and the bridge begins to sway. As I trace the bridge to the farthest point to the right, I hear a disruptive sound coming from the distance. Right at this moment the a gust of warm air bursts from behind and the door slams shut. This man walks out and quickly heads to the edge of the balcony and looks out in the distance, points and says, “Look there is a seal”. The seal kept swimming and the waters edge kept breaking along shore. The cruise ships lights were so bright that I could see inside.