As We Speak

“At a glance we judge.

If they aren’t attractive then we’re silent.

Right at that moment, we freeze.

Today shouldn’t be that day and nor should tomorrow or the next.

Stand up, listen and speak.

Be the first and if not the first, then at least be the last.”

As We Speak


~ Donna ~

“So my name is Donna. I’m from Melbourne, Australia a fair way away from where we are now in Germany.
My main language is English and I studied a bit of Italian at school, so I can pick up some of it when people are talking slowly.
The reason I’m traveling is to have new experiences. I love the idea of going somewhere completely different. I feel if we always stay in the same place you miss out on what the world has to offer, which is so much. I love learning about the history of places and cultures, and therefore how this is reflected in the present day. Meeting new people is also a main reason and enables me to make new connections as well as having a better understanding of people in general. Overall, I’d say if you’re thinking about traveling, Get out there and have fun.”

Languages: English

August 13th, 2019

Luke Watson

~ Luke Watson ~

“I’m a Londoner with a passion for history, travel, people and the good times. I truly believe that open minds lead to a better world and the best way to become more open minded is to include as much variation in your experiences and perspective as possible…how can you do this? Travel! I have decided to fully dedicate myself to helping others do just this and not only do it but get the most out of it by giving meaning and purpose to their trips. Just like the wonderful places I take people to I’m sure you to have a story and I look forward to hearing it!”

Languages: English, Italian

Tour Radar: Profile

Instagram: @Luke_epictourguide

September 7, 2019


~ Olatipe Olayinka Fasuyi ~

“I am from Nigeria, Ibadan. I enjoy experiencing new places, food, and culture. I travel for recreation. I primarily travel because I get to experience things I normally won’t.” 

Languages: Yoruba, English

Instagram: @Tipe.f

August 16th, 2019


~ Meredith~

“My name is Meredith. I was born in Sydney Australia where I still live. I speak english and have studied French German and Mandarin. I love to travel because new people and places give new perspectives.”

Languages: English, French, German, Mandarin

Business: Maxwell Meredith + Company

~ Meredith ~

August 16th, 2019

“I’m Gustavo raised and born in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Now I’m living in the Merlino D.C. area. I used to work as a server and Bartender. I joined this program [ITMI] because I love to travel and meet people.” 

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

~ Gustavo Cuadros Saavedra ~

February 8th, 2019 

“Greetings from Greg in Frankenmuth, Michigan. I am excited to help others experience traveling the world. Meeting new people and learning how to live makes life interesting. I look forward to meeting people everywhere I go.”

Languages: English

~ Greg Johnson ~

Feburary 8th, 2019

“I’m Marcia Melo, native of Brazil, living in San Diego, CA. My passion in life is my languages and traveling. After ITMI, I can’t wait to do more traveling and meet more people.”

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French

~ Marcia Melo ~

February 8th, 2019

“I am a born Nomad. Meeting new people and going to new places excites me and gives me purpose to my life. I enjoy the challenges of figuring out how to get places in a foreign land. I consider myself a true citizen of the world.”

Languages: English, Mandarin, French

~ Connie Lee ~

February 8th, 2019

“Travel has been a life passion of mine. Living life as a temporary local is a major focus of my travels. I truly believe that our destination should not just be a place, but a new way of looking at things.”

Languages: English, Filipino, Italian

~ Garret Sanchez ~

Instagram: @garretsanchez

February 8th, 2019