What is Glamping?

Glamping is a form of luxury and stylish camping. Glamping comes in many shapes and forms like a Treehouses, Yurts, Safari tents, Campervans, Tipis, Domes, Eco-pods, Nature Lodges, Caves, Barns, Hunts, Igloos, Cabins, Cabooses, Villas, Tiny Houses, A-Frame Cabins, Bell Tents, cottages, Islands, Elevated Cabins, Caravans, tent cabins, Log Cabins, Towers, Floating Cabins.

When most people think of hardcore camping, they think of finding a patch of dirt to plop their tent, sleeping bag, food, and everything else they brought in their backpacking bag. Hardcore camping is what nomadic hikers often do in order to survive each night. They are constantly on the move and by the end of each day, they must find a place to rest with what is only in their backpacking bag. Hardcore camping may not sound appealing to most people who want running water, full bathroom, electricity, hot shower, bed, kitchen, and a convenient store near by. Hardcore camping also requires you to be in shape since you are lugging at least 40lbs or more on your back. 

Often times people will only travel a distance to do outdoor activities if they know they are within walking or driving distance to a nearby hotel or motel before it gets dark. There are so many places where one can connect with nature and experience outdoor activities but do not have a place to stay in which they feel safe and comfortable. If you are one of those people, glamping may be for you.

Each glampsite gives off a different feeling but wherever you choose to stay, you are connected with the outdoors. Some glampsites are way more glamorous than others. Most likely you will be alone or have a few neighbors near by. If you do have neighbors, their site will probably be far enough away from yours that there will be little to no disturbances from them. When it comes to your basic necessities like food, water and electricity some sites will have all of them while others will have very few. Some sites will require you to share a common shower, common bathroom and/or common outdoor space. Many of the glampsites do have a bed(s) but not the same type of bed you would find in a luxury a 5-star hotel. The bed may not even have a frame that it sits on. You may have to bring your own bed sheets and pillow. The more luxury glampsites will have all the amenities of a what you would find in a typical modern house. In the more luxury glampsites will have a common living space, kitchen, full bathroom, and bedroom(s). The more luxury sites may also internet but don’t grantee it will be strong. Also note that cell service may be limited which is a good thing if you are looking to stay off your electronics.  Although the owner of a glampsite may say they have running water and electricity be prepared for either one to shut off and if it does don’t expect it to get fixed right away. 

Make sure to research the area before booking. Some sites offer guided tours and outdoor adventurous activities while others do not. If you aren’t sure the site has what you need, even after calling them, bring your own equiptment. To get to the glampsites you may be able to drive directly there or park faraway and take a bit of hike. Some glampsites are off of unknown and unpaved roads that don’t show up on Google Maps and Apple Maps, so make sure you have the right vehicle to get you there. Even through glampsite may be more luxurious doesn’t mean they are in walking or short driving distance into a town where you can get food, water, or get emergency services, so make sure to still bring survival gear.

Below are great websites you can use to discover and book your getaway from around the globe. Some are pet friendly with proof of vaccination.

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