Middleton & Newport

Rhode Island


So small with lots to do!

Why Middletown & Newport, Rhode Island?

Rhode Island was founded by English settlers in 1639 and is the smallest state in the United States and is one of the six states that make up New England. 

Before August 24, 1743, Middletown Rhode Island was part of Newport but eventually the States General Assembly permitted Middleton to break off from Newport to become its political entity.

Although the state is small, there is much to do. While visiting, you can take long walks on the beaches with your dog, learn to sail the coastal waters, look up at the ceilings of mega mansions as if your stargazing into outer space, visit Fort Adams, bring your RV to a campground on the beach, walk the cliff walk, spend your nights out partying on the beaches, stroll the boardwalks and piers, and lastly shop until you realize you have no more money. 


The Summer season goes by really quick and is quite beautiful in Rhode Island. The Summer season lasts from the end of June to the End of September. During the Summer months the temperatures range between 21°C (70’s °F) to 30°C (85°F). Some years there can be a heat wave for a week or so and temperatures will raise into the high 32°C (90°F).

The Fall Season starts early March and ends at the end of May. During the Fall months the temperatures range from 7.2°C (45°F) to 18.3°C (65°F). You will notice a wider range in temperatures during these months.

The Winter Season can be brutal so make sure to stay warm. The Winter starts in the beginning of December and ends at the end of February. During the Winter months the temperatures range from 4°C (40°F) t0 -7° (20°F).

The Spring Season starts at the beginning of March and ends at the end of May. The temperatures range from 7°C (47°F) to 21°C (68°F).

Second Beach

Public Dog Friendly Beach in Middleton Rhode Island!

Hey Dog Lovers, You Are In Luck!

This is one of the most dog friendly states you will ever go to! There are many beautiful beaches to stop at and there are many beaches that allow you to bring your dog. Block Island welcomes leashed dogs all year around. On the state beaches dogs are allowed between Oct. 1st to March 31st. Each dog friendly beach has doggy bags and trash cans for you to pick up after them. There are many restaurants that sit along the coastline and on the boardwalks. Many of them love when guests bring fido. Many hotels are super dog friendly although not all of them let you leave your dog at the hotel without someone to watch them.

I stayed at the East Island Reserve Hotel with my dog and it was so worth the price! The dog friendly rooms do not have that terrible dog smell from the previous people and their dog. The room I was given has two floors. The downstairs consisted of a full kitchen with a half bar, stove, oven, toaster, dishwasher, pots and pans, and silverware, dishes, bowls, and cups. Next to the kitchen is the living room that holds 4 people comfortably and has a futon for extra guests. There is a half bathroom downstairs. Upstairs had a king size bed with a full walk in bathroom and Samsung washer and dryer. The windows open and are short enough for some dogs to look out. The complex has a pool, ballroom, and wifi for your entertainment. The entire complex and their amenities are super clean. This one one of the few hotels in which you can leave the dog alone in the room while you enjoy your time out with friends and family. This place is also a little cheaper than the rest of the dog friendly places since it a little farther from the main town and entertainment centers. The grocery store is a 3min. drive down a side road. You can easily drive into town in less than 10min. A bike ride into town takes less than 30min. All your needs are super close.

Newport Harbor Cliff Walk

Newport Harbor Cliff Walk with a pastel skyline. If you are facing north and walk the cliff before noon your shadow will following you from the west. If you walk the cliff after noon your shadow should follow you from the east. 

Newport Harbor Cliff Walk

The Newport Harbor Cliff Walk is 5.6 kilometers (3.5 miles) paved path and easy to navigate. If the people you are with want to speed along and meet you up ahead, let them go because it would be close to impossible to get lost or misplaced from your group when you are falling behind. As you walk along the winding edge of the cliff you may see ludicrously beautiful sailors and their synthetic and joyful love for their boats along the flat and misty horizon line. Take your time as your shadow follows you by your side. If your a runner or photographer that likes to get up early for some sunrise action then here is the place to capture your best moments. The sea breeze and the cold misty waters will sure to wake you up. If you want to see sunrise from the cliff you will want to make sure you get to the tip before sunset.

There are plenty of spots the take the perfect selfie. There is a long fence that prevents people from hopping into the properties of the mega rich. Please don’t be that person in the news for hopping the fence.


During the Guilded Age, families of wealth would turn the Rhode Island coast into their mega mansion private playground. Some have their own golf course that you could only dream of having. One homeowner reshaped their landscape and brought in gigantic rocks to add texture to their property. One of the mansions have cut all the trees and shrubs into the shape of different animals. Here is a list of Mansions you can visit. Visit one, two, or three but no more. In a weird way, they start to look the same and you will realize you probably won’t ever live like this. In some ways these homes start to look fake because of how perfectly taken care of them are. As you walk or drive down the streets, you will see herds of people taking care of these properties.

The Breakers is a Vanderbilt mansion that sits along the Newport Harbor Cliff Walk. This mansions was build during the turn of the century. Steps to own a mansion on Rhode Island. Step 1. Go to Rhode Island and take a tour. Step 2. Convince your friends to buy one, or maybe a few for you. Step 3. Quit your job and live in it and auction the items in the mansion you don’t want. Simple.

A Personlized Map for Pet Owners


  • It doesn’t matter where you stay in Newport because it’s relatively small and very safe. Everything you need is in town. 
  • If you are with a senior or disabled person, you can drive up and down every road before the end of the day and see plenty of things.
  • As long as your children have common sense and your pet is on the leash, they will be fine. There are plenty of wide sidewalks on the busier roads so you don’t have to worry about trying to balance yourself on the opposite side of the white line while walking into traffic.
  • If you own a bike you may want to bring it. Parking at the beaches does come with a cost during the Summers but if you ride your bike there, it’s free. Newport is not very hilly so biking should be a breeze.

Helpful Resources


Cliff Walk

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