Google Earth is Missing an Important Person

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There are a lot of majestic places you can search on Google Earth. You can type in the name of your favorite restaurant and it will likely pop up. Type in Kilimandjaro mountain to get a birds eye view of the top. Type in words like “dog” or “cat” and a list of pet friendly locations will appear. Zoom in on the house you grew up in or just spin the globe to explore the outdoors. Google Earth looks perfect…right? NO! Something is missing and it’s YOU! You can search yourself but chances are you don’t exist.

Why does this matter? It matters because you exist in the real world and the real world is the one that needs taken care of. I don’t see wildfires, wars, crimes, pollution, starving animals, and many other human disruptions on Google Earth. So whenever you decide to travel, remember to be a good tourist and take care of this planet because Google Earth can’t and won’t do that for you. 


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